Young and vibrant my love was gold, Precious still you are even when im aged and old, Wrinkled but not worn im in shape and bold, To say i love you through whatever weather, hot & cold, And promise to futher than forever your hand hold, Till my last breath, this leaf isn’t worn but […]

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Never Told

Then the pain comes through the vein All directional patterns as from windvane And it starts all over again The same heartbreak as stain The same losses despite the train The meagre success less than grain And once more we ask ourselves are we insane we did follow the rail as train We did work […]

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Live in the Present

Life is like a slide show, Each moment baked as dough, Sometimes there’s light and no shadow, Sometimes dark engulfs black as eyebrow, that all we do is shut eyes and maintain low, But most times we still land our feet to the shore, Move through mountain and embrace the snow, Just to feel the […]

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The Perfect Imperfection 

We are all born imperfect Some physical that we dont choose or select Some emotional that appear when we upset Other emotional that once in a while ressurect Some spiritual that we sometimes elect Though we can control, still we fall shot and defect. Some are just imperfections that we dont detect And come to […]

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Where is “Love”

Dear love im writing you this letter Not coz i love but i’ll get to that later. What happned to we’ll be together for worse and better, For poor for richer you’d be my half better, In sickness and in health you’d be my debtor For what i wouldn’t know you’d be my wise data […]

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Being Responsible

We all the same, but on different page, no matter what’s on the coverpage; life process isn’t as stage, that collects everyone no matter the age, standing like on a ledge, waiting for a bus as they gauge, which one’s classy or murky as paige: Life’s continous as sage, that will keep coming no matter […]

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All i did was love you, I got so drunk into you as brew, One would say im fool as ewe You were first on my mind in everyday due Just like grass and its dew Now a feel wasted on as loo Im no longer the sweet boo As all there was between us […]

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